Euro 2016 Betting

Euro 2016 Spread Betting Tips : Buy Austria to win Group F at 12 points

Spread Betting on the Euros
Spread Betting Tips : Buy Austria to win Group F at 12 points

Spread Betting is a very popular way of betting but it does require some specialist knowledge and a keen eye for odds. If you do spread betting a lot, it can be very rewarding as you can actually earn more money than the bookies state if you believe that the odds should be higher or lower. It involves 'buying' when the odds are too low for your liking and 'selling' when you think the opposite.

For example, if a bookmaker believes that there will be 10 corners in the England v Russia game but you think that there will actually be more than that, you would click 'buy' at - let's say £5. This means that for every corner over the bookmakers prediction (10 in this case) you will earn £5. So if there are 15 corners in the game, you would earn £25. If the amount of corners is 10 exactly then you will receive your stake back.

So much money can be made from this if you apply your knowledge of the game to beat the bookies.

25:10 Index

The 25:10 Index is similar to an outright winning market, in which 25 points are awarded to a match winner, 0 points are given to the loser and if the game ends in a draw, both teams are awarded 10 points.

If for example, the bookie gave Spain a spread of 15-18 for their game against Slovakia and they won, Spain would be given 25 points. Anybody who clicked 'buy' at 18, would win 7 times their wager!

Group Winners and Outright Euro 2016 Winners Spread Betting

The main spread bets available at the moment are basically, where teams are going to place in their groups (each position is worth an amount of points) and who the outright winner and runners up are going to be in Euro 2016 as a whole.

Therefore, here at Euro 2016 Free Bets, we have decided to come up with 3 spread bets based on this that we believe the bookies have predicted incorrectly and could make you some cash.

When it comes to the points achieved for each group position it is as follows:

  • 1st Place - 25 points
  • 2nd place - 10 points
  • 3rd place - 5 points
  • 4th place - 0 points

Austria to finish 1st in Group F - Buy at 12 points

Currently Portugal are the favourites to win Group F and there are a couple of reasons why this is the case, they finished top of their qualifying group and they have Cristiano Ronaldo.

We actually think that Austria will win Group F and stated so in our Group Betting Tips. The reasons behind this are:

  • Austria scored 22 goals in qualifying and conceded 5.
  • Their strike force scored a combined 16 goals and 4 were scored from Bayern's David Alaba, a set piece specialist.
  • The Austrians arguably had a harder group.
  • Portugal only mustered 11 goals in qualifying and conceded 5.

Therefore our verdict is that you should buy Austria to win the group at 12 points as this means if they do top the group you will win 13X your stake.

Turkey to finish bottom of Group D - Sell at 6 points

Turkey only just managed to get into the Euros after being declared a 'best loser' and this was only due to a last minute free kick from Selcuk Inan. They have a slow team with a couple of decent players thrown in there but they aren't exactly a force to be reckoned with.

The Czechs by comparison won their qualifying group and qualified automatically for Euro 2016 and obviously Spain and Croatia will finish above the Turks.

Czech Republic are viewed by the bookies as the team most likely to finish bottom of Group D but we think that they will claim third place ahead of Turkey as the Czechs should beat them when they play each other. Other reasons for our decision are:

  • Turkey conceded 9 goals in Qualifying Group A and only scored 14.
  • The Czechs and the Turks played against each other in qualifying and Czech Republic performed better.

Our verdict is to sell Turkey to finish bottom rather than 3rd at 6 points and you will win 6X your stake if this happens.

Round of Elimination Spread Bet

The last bet is on which round a team will be eliminated at and the points system changes from the groups, here is how it looks:

  • Winner - 100 points
  • Runner Up - 75 points
  • Lose Semi Final - 50 points
  • Lose Quarter Final - 25 points
  • Lose in Last 16 - 10 points
  • All Others - 0 points
Switzerland to lose in the knockout phase - Sell at 17 points

Switzerland qualified in 2nd place behind England in Group E and scored 24 goals, conceding 8. In the spread betting you gain 10 points for losing in the last 16 knockout phase and we feel this is where Switzerland will fall. This is because they will realistically play Poland or Germany and we think both of these teams would beat the Swiss.

On paper the Swiss team is very good with a great blend of youth and experience, however England made them look ordinary twice and despite England having a good team at the moment who are performing well, the Swiss should've put up more of a fight than they did whereas Poland beat the Germans 2-0 in qualifying and have tremendous pace topped off by probably one of the best strikers in the world Robert Lewandowski.

The main reasons we think the Swiss will be knocked out at this stage are:

  • They could play Germany or Poland.
  • They failed their only tests against big opposition in qualifying.
  • Poland are in better form, as are Germany.

Our verdict is to sell Switzerland to be eliminated in the last 16 knockout phase at 17 points; if this is successful you will win 7X your stake.